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 Millwall Gang

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PosteTema: Millwall Gang   Søn Nov 03, 2013 1:36 pm

Back at the 1970's the Cheetham Hill Gang and Millwall Bushwackers was the big british gangs. Under the big economical crisis the gangmembers made their way over to the states to earn some money. The ex-mobsters from England and Irland found out that they could work togheter to earn some money, and formed a new gang/mobster down in the states.

Founding location: New York City, unknown exactly location
Ethnicity: ''Made Man'' British and Irish-British, associates and gangmembers (unofficial members) are of irish, scotish, and american ethnicity
Crimes: drug trafficking, car exporting, hijacking, robbery, organized loaning, murder, war, corruption,

What the FBI suspect is the founders is unknown.
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Millwall Gang
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